ASNE’s advice on social media: but too much fear and not really ‘best practices’ « The Buttry Diary

Commentary from Steve Buttry on social media guidelines for news editors:

Editors are starting to accept social tools and understand their importance. But they remain afraid of social media. Their need to control remains an impediment to innovation.

That’s my quick take on the American Society of News Editors’ “10 Best Practices for Social Media.”

The report is a PDF, which indicates the group’s continuing print orientation. It would be much better as a blog, starting a conversation by inviting comments on each section. The structure is thoughtful, providing some discussion, a “teachable moment” and sample policies for each of the 10 points. An appendix of social media policies is helpful, even if the policies are far more fearful and restrictive than they should be.

continue reading on Steve’s site: ASNE offers good advice on social media, but too much fear and not really ‘best practices’ « The Buttry Diary.

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