a post #UKCSJ Reading List

An unsystematic list of articles, etc. discussed at #UKCSJ, immortalized here for reference. I’m not telling how many of these I have/have not read. Please feel free to add more!

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Creative Feature Writing:

Multiplatform Working:

Is free news killing science journalism?:

ABSW award – nominated articles:

Best news item

Best feature

Best scripted/edited programme (podcast, radio, TV or online video)

  • Geraldine Fitzgerald, Producer, Sue Broom, Presenter, BBC, for ‘The Naming of Genes’ broadcast on BBC Radio 4.
  • Richard Hollingham, Freelance, and John Watkins, BBC, for ‘Frontiers: bioprecipitation’ broadcast on BBC Radio 4.
  • Paul Olding, Producer/Director, Chris Granlund, Series Producer, Andrew Marr, Presenter, BBC, for ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Life and Death’ broadcast on BBC 2 TV
  • Nick Jordan, Producer/Director, Adam Rutherford, Presenter, Jacqueline Smith, Series Producer, BBC, for ‘The Cell’ a BBC Scotland Production broadcast on BBC 4 TV

Best investigative journalism