Cancer in Europe: New Report, Recent Efforts Take Continent-wide Perspective

Patterns of cancer incidence and mortality across Europe are as varied as the continent’s geography. But a new report finds that, in general, obesity and tobacco use are driving cancer incidence, mortality, and survival across Europe: Overall cancer incidence has decreased since the mid-1990s in northern and western Europe except for obesity-related cancers, and incidence of and mortality from tobacco-related cancers is falling among men in northern, western, and southern Europe but increasing in central Europe.

The analysis, published in the June issue of the European Journal of Cancer, comes as two Europe-wide efforts related to cancer take shape: The European Code Against Cancer is about to be updated for the first time in 5 years, and the European Commission is gearing up to create a cancer plan for the entire European Union.

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, September 9, 2008. Read the full article online.